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Indulge in an Exclusive Business Mastermind Adventure

Pitch Your Business or Idea, Gain Expert Feedback and Solve Your Key Questions For 2024 In Just 3 Thrilling Hours. Just 10 Spaces Available.


Pitch Your Business or Idea and get hugely valuable feedback from experts.

Just 10 places to join Mike Handcock & Landi Jac for 3 hours of High-Level Masterminding to see your Business and Life set up for an awesome 2024.


  • Master the Art of Juggling Multiple Projects, Meeting Deadlines, and Thriving Amidst Entrepreneurial Stress.


  • Unlock the Secret to Attracting High-Value Prospects Tailored to Your Ideal Profile.


  • Discover Proven Strategies to Scale Your Business Despite Challenging Market Conditions.


  • Unlock the Power of Outsourcing: Build Your Dream Team and Liberate Your Time Effortlessly.


  • Discover the Ultimate Marketing System: Cost-Effective, Time-Efficient, and Proven to Deliver Results Simply.


  • Do you really need social media and if so what is right for you this year?

What is a

Mastermind Group

"First of all, it is the principle through which you may borrow and use the education, the experience, the influence, and perhaps the capital of other people in carrying out your own plans in life. It is the principle through which you can accomplish in one year more than you could accomplish without it in a lifetime if you depended entirely on your own efforts for success.”

Napolean Hill - Think and Grow Rich

Thursday 18 July: City Lodge Morningside Sandton - Johannesburg, South Africa

Just $19.95

ONLY 10 people at each event. Some events may be sold out so Act Quickly

*Note: Nothing is 'For Sale' at the Mastermind.

 This is NOT a pitch.

Wednesday 14 August: City Lodge Pinelands - Cape Town, South Africa

Just $19.95

ONLY 10 people at each event. Some events may be sold out so Act Quickly

*Note: Nothing is 'For Sale' at the Mastermind.

 This is NOT a pitch.

Thursday 22 August: Loerie Guest Lodge - George, South Africa

Just $19.95

ONLY 10 people at each event. Some events may be sold out so Act Quickly

*Note: Nothing is 'For Sale' at the Mastermind.

 This is NOT a pitch.

Friday 23 August: Radisson Blu Hotel - Gqeberha/PE, South Africa

Just $19.95

ONLY 10 people at each event. Some events may be sold out so Act Quickly

*Note: Nothing is 'For Sale' at the Mastermind.

 This is NOT a pitch.


Step into an Exhilarating 3-Hour Mastermind Experience: Dive into Engaging Discussions, Receive Expert Feedback on Your Business Pitch, and Uncover Solutions to Your Most Pressing Questions!

With Only 10 Spots Available, Act Fast!

During this dynamic session, you can expect a whirlwind of insights as we explore current trends and tackle your burning questions head-on. In just 3 minutes, pitch your business and receive invaluable feedback on clarity, engagement, and client attraction potential.

But that's just the beginning! The remainder of our time is dedicated to diving deep into everyone's questions, ensuring every participant leaves armed with actionable strategies and renewed confidence.

By the time you walk away, you'll feel empowered and ready to conquer the challenges ahead. Plus, you'll gain invaluable firsthand insights from fellow entrepreneurs, providing a direct pulse on your marketplace.

Common topics we explore include boosting sales, mastering marketing tactics, aligning with purpose, building a winning team, streamlining operations, and staying ahead of the competition. Let's tackle these challenges together and emerge stronger than ever.

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Why Are These Masterminds Happening?

With over 300 sessions across 20+ countries since 2016, we've honed the art of unlocking your true potential. In just 3 hours, we'll dig deep into the core issues that may be hindering your success, unleashing the breakthroughs you deserve.

Our track record speaks for itself: Participants rave about the major results and insights gained in mere hours. Plus, new for 2022, seize the opportunity to pitch your business and receive expert feedback from facilitators with experience judging Entrepreneur X Factor globally and Dragons Den Singapore.

"I got more out of that session than all the other things I've done (combined) over the last 5 years. The great thing was that it reaffirmed a lot of the thinking I'd already been through on my own, but it also identified a number of specific things I now need to focus on to make positive change.

So sincerely, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Stephen Leslie

FCIM Marketing, Wellington

"I was fortunate to attend the event in the Garden Route. Not knowing what to expect exactly, I was intrigued by how this event was being presented. The event reminded me of some of the principles of Logotherapy as taught by the famous Victor Frankl, of which I relate to and use often. I learned some new techniques and was also gifted some new ideas to incorporate into my own little practice. I met some fascinating new people and learned to look at concepts from their perspectives. I would absolutely recommend each and everyone on this journey called Life, to join a Mastermind, even if only once in their lives."

Val Dimov

Holistic Consultant, George

"You and Landi have reignited my passion for entrepreneurship after my online business starting to feel like a huge struggle to nowhere for a couple of months. When I called my husband all I could say was 'WOW!' I got more from you in just 3 hours for $20 than any of my mentors I've paid $1,000's to in the past to set me on the RIGHT track!"

Pamela Church

Private Equity, Denver

I love how aligned Mike and Landi are in working together. You two are a powerful couple in how you work with each other, and make me as a customer feel. It is just beyond what I have ever have felt working with coaches and mentors. I feel super well taken care off. I always feel so professionally handled, and taken in a serious way from both of you. You really take the time, so your delivery is just smashing! Wow, I’m impressed.

Caroline Mohr

Speaker, Pro Golfer, Stockholm

Fresh from a Mastermind chaired by Mike, and just beginning to appreciate the thought and insight that went into setting the team. On the face of it, we didn't have that much in common, but the composition was inspired. Although very different in background and discipline, there were delegates who shared challenges very similar to mine (lots of passion, lots of expertise, but wanting people to come and talk to us about how they can use us, rather than figuring out how we can get out to them). There were delegates in very similar stages in their entrepreneurial journey to mine (with a passion project acting as a sales tool for a strong corporate offering). But there were also delegates who seem to be the personification of all the skills I need to develop to become a successful entrepreneur. The result, catalyzed by Mike's hosting, was a really fruitful and inspiring dynamic.

Graeme Keith

Risk Manager, Copenhagen

Straight to the point, powerful, realistic. He and Landi have a gift for making you see what’s right under your nose. And that’s your own potential. They reveal useful and practical insights and tips on how to access that, and they do it well as a brilliant partnership. Highly rated.

Dean McCoubray

Founder, My Social Life, Cape Town

About Mike Handcock & Landi Jac

Mike Handcock, a renowned 12X award winning speaker hailing from New Zealand, is a dynamic force in the world of professional development. Alongside him sits Landi Jac, an accomplished business intelligence expert, known for her passion for empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Together, they form a powerhouse duo committed to transforming lives and driving positive change.

Mike and Landi run five successful international companies, are 7X International Best Selling and Amazon#1 Authors and have worked with over 300,000 entrepreneurs in more than 50 countries globally. They have taken clients to public listings, recognition by King Charles and even a Knighthood. In 2024 Landi won the prestigious SA Woman Leaders Award.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why Charge $19.95

We facilitate these Masterminds to bring people and ideas together and the results are phenomenal, we charge a small fee as it illustrates an exchange of energy, which brings the right feel into the room with the right people. 

+ Will the Event Be Videod or Photographed

On signing-up for a Mastermind session, you agree that any photo's taken of yourself at the Mastermind may be used for marketing via our various social platforms and websites.

+ What Expertise Do Mike and Landi Have?

Mike was a corporate General Manager who ran 4500 people and was responsible for a budget of $250M a year. He has owned businesses in Events, Construction, Technology, Financial Services, Travel and Professional Services. Landi was an HR director for one of the largest logistics companies globally. She built a highly successful consultancy business with clients that are household names.

+ Will My Questions Get Answered?

In all situations where a participant has brought a clear question or issue they want insight on, it has been answered.

+ What if I Cannot Make It On The Day?

If you are unable to make the event, please let us know beforehand. Your ticket is transferable or able to be held over for another mastermind. If you 'no-show' your ticket is forfeit. Please make every effort to be there, as many events sell out, meaning someone has missed out.


If you are unhappy with the mastermind experience just let us know upon finishing the event, or within 30 days and we will refund your money.

You're In 100% NO RISK!

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